Where are the GPS devices installed?

The GPS devices are installed at your home or at the authorized service centers by Magnitracking CORP closest to your location. Ask your seller.

 How long does the installation take?

The installation can take from 45 minutes and up to 60 minutes on average.

 What is the best GPS device for me?

It depends a lot on your requirements. Our team of commercial advisors will review your requirements in detail and offer the most convenient choice, both in hardware and in service.

 In what kind of cases can the GPS stop working?

1.- One of the cases may be due to little or no GPRS coverage, which is necessary for the devices to send information to our platform. Once it recovers reception, it will send us all the stored information.

2.- Another case that could have happened if the device stops reporting is if it was manipulated by a third-party, either disconnected or tampered.

 If I already have GPS in my units, is it possible to work with you with the same devices?

Our team of engineers can evaluate your GPS equipment, brand, model, and if the technology with which it works is still functional. In case they have the minimum required standards, they can be integrated without any problem, and you will not have to make another investment. In case they do not meet the requirements, our sales team can make a proposal so that you do not have the need to reinvest in GPS devices.